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Antallet af liberale i Danmark er jo heldigvis større end Liberal Alliances (ganske vist voksende) stemmetal, og det er en kendsgerning, at hvis mænd alene stemte, så ville det resultere i en komfortabel valgsejr til blå blok, mens kvinder omvendt ville tildele en tilsvarende (og for tiden.
To many, this process may appear counter-intuitive, lower than rational.
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Many people are unaware or what a lean body is. The term lean body basically refers to
having a body which has a very low fat content, yet the amount of muscle in the body is
more when compared to the quantity of fat. Many people compare lean body mass to the fat
while lean body mass is not fat in any way. However, the others who are aware of the
definition, think that lean body mass is a fat free mass. That is also not true, in the
lean body mass, a small amount of fat is also involved. Although it is a very small
percentage, but we cannot say that it has zero percent of the fat.